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So you want to buy an Apple iPad? It’s always a good decision, but choosing the right model can be a challenge. Now is the time to prioritise. Do you want a larger display or more portability? How much memory do you need? And most importantly, what do you want to use it for?

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Apple’s iPad lineup has been simplified of late – let’s break down the options and see what will best fit your needs.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inches – Best on ground

The Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inches really gives you the best of both worlds. Available in both 256GB and 512GB, it’s small enough to be portable and yet powerful enough to keep up with any app you choose to install. And if colour choice is top of your list, it’s the only iPad to come in Rose Gold. With up to 10 hours battery life, WiFi, LTE, Touch ID, Apple Pay, and iOS – iPad Pro is designed for the world we live in today.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch – Best if you are looking to replace a laptop or desktop

Apple’s 12.9 inch iPad Pro is immensely powerful. In fact, it’s A10X Fusion chip delivers more power than most laptops. The redesigned Retina display is more responsive and immersive and allows for smoother scrolling and swiping – it really enhances any watching experience. Combine it with a Smart Keyboard and you’ll create documents or presentations with ease.

Apple iPad – Best value

Apple released its latest tablet in 2017, and simply called it “iPad”. This back to basics model is excellent value and delivers all the essentials. Featuring a 9.7 inch Retina display, Touch ID and an A9 chip, its thin and durable design weighs less than 500 grams. The iPad is the perfect choice if you are new to tablets or looking to replace an older device, and you don’t need some of the more high-tech features.

Apple Mini – Best for kids and portability

Apple’s iPad Mini wins on two fronts. It really is the best option for kids, and as the smallest of their tablets it is naturally the most portable. It has a 7.9 inch Retina display, is 6.1 millimetres thin and weighs less than 300g – making it small enough to be held in one hand (or two if you’re a kid!). Don’t be fooled by its size, it features a powerful A8 chip, iSight cameras, Touch ID and up to 10 hours of battery life.

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