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Top 10 gifts for the tech-lovers

Sleigh the tech head in your life this Christmas

Who is it? There’s always one. They’re the one who has a device on their person at all times – or let’s face it, multiple devices that are synced to within an inch of their lives. Separation anxiety is real, they may as well start hissing “my precious” and be done with it. Yes, that one.

Whatever will you buy them for Christmas? Fear not, the Qantas Shopping Rewards Store is here for you in your time of need. We have put together our top ten tech gift ideas for the season, and we know there’s something for everyone. Trust us, we’re professionals.


Apple Airpods

How about the groundbreaking Apple Airpods? It’s a perfect gift for those who don’t like to showboat (less is more, darling) – these wireless earbuds are minimal, streamlined and magical in their simplicity. After a one-tap setup, these Apple headphones are automatically on and always connected. Plus, you can listen for five hours on a single charge, winning!


Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Now, if your Secret Santa tends towards the “more is more” end of the spectrum you simply must give them a pair of Sony Flagship Wireless Headphones. These Sony headphones have third generation Noise Cancelling technology, ambient sound control and integrated Google Assistant. Plus, and this is the bit we love, a ten minute charge gives you a whopping five hours of playback. For the last-minute desperate charge at the airport (who hasn’t been there?), this is a game changer.


UE Boom Speakers

These portable Bluetooth speakers from UE Boom are powerful and immersive with 360° sound and thundering bass. The good people at Ultimate Ears say, and we quote “You can drop it, kick it, headbang with it, even spill your drink on it, and your Megaboom 3 speaker will take it all like a champ. Rock on.” All in all, they’re virtually indestructible.


Samsung Galaxy S9 phone

The Instagram addict in your life will want, nay, will need this Samsung phone. Their new Dual Aperture lens adapts like the human eye and automatically switches between lighting conditions. In plain speak it makes your photos look amazing, whatever the weather. Its super slow mo setting allows you to make GIFs and (drum roll please) this new camera can turn your face into an emoji. Enough said.


Apple XS phone

There is a reason why people camp out overnight for new release iPhones. Why? Let me count the ways – a 5.8 inch Super Retina display, Advanced Face ID, the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone, breakthrough dual-camera system and that’s just the beginning. The iPhone XS is everything people love about iPhone taken to the extreme.


Garmin Forerunner 935

Triathletes and runners are all about metrics these days, and doesn’t this Garmin watch deliver! With running dynamics, wrist-based heart rate monitor and VO2 max, the Garmin Forerunner 935 will help to fine tune training and assist in recovery. Plus, it features Strava Live Segments so they can turn every run or ride into a competition.


Fitbit Versa

The smart fitness watch isn’t just for the serious athlete… enter the Fitbit Versa. Equally at home in the gym or in the boardroom it’s lightweight, swim proof and helps you run your day with notifications quick replies, apps, music and four day battery life. It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to dip their toe into the incredible world of fitness trackers.


Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inches is generally considered to be, in tablet terms, the best on ground. Small yet incredibly powerful, we defy anyone to not love this Christmas present. Let’s get technical – with up to 10 hours battery life, WiFi, LTE, Touch ID, Apple Pay, and iOS – the iPad Pro is designed for the world we live in today.


Google Chromecast Ultra

A Google Chromecast allows you to stream from your device to your TV, just like that! The Chromecast Ultra delivers faster processing speeds and up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR picture quality. It’s the perfect stocking filler as it works practically everywhere with practically everything – iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and Chromebooks.


Playstation Pro

Lucky last! Here’s the go-to gift for the gamer – the PlayStation4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is supercharged and packs in leading-edge technology to deliver the fastest, sharpest, most responsive gaming experience ever seen. What’s not to love about dynamic 4K gaming and entertainment? Nothing, that’s what.


We dare you not to find something for everyone this Christmas at the Rewards Store. So ditch the crowds and shop online with us! Remember, if you’re a few points short you can use Points Plus Pay to make up the difference and delivery is always included in the points price. We’re good like that!

Merry Christmas shoppers!