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Seven years is a long time to wait

In Kenya, for every person who receives cataract surgery, there are 10 others who cannot. One of those people was Nabiritha, a seven year old girl born blind with cataract. 

Nabiritha’s condition was completely avoidable, but the cost of cataract surgery was out of reach for her family, living on just $2 a day.

Thankfully, after years of having no hope, Nabiritha’s mother was told that The Fred Hollows Foundation could provide the needed cataract surgery.

After the surgery, her mother dissolved into tears when Nabiritha blinked uncertainly and started to focus her eyes. “Imagine for all those years my child has never known what I look like. I never thought this day would come,” she said. 

The next day, Nabiritha arrived home. The moment she embraced her father and saw her siblings was electric. When she walked by herself over the hill towards her village, her neighbours came out and cheered, the little girl who could suddenly see.

When you redeem your Qantas Points for The Fred Hollows Foundation at the Qantas Store, you’re helping people like Nabiritha living with avoidable blindness. 

Thank you for your support, every point is helping us change lives.

How do donations help?

The Fred Hollows Foundation (The Foundation) is an international development organisation inspired by the life and work of Professor Fred Hollows. Our vision is of a world where no one is needlessly blind and Indigenous Australians exercise their right to good health.

How do we make a difference? We build local eye health capacity, training eye surgeons and eye health workers; providing essential medical equipment; building or upgrading eye health facilities and conducting sight-saving interventions for cataract, Trachoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and refractive error.

The Fred Hollows Foundation works in 25 countries, including Australia, to end avoidable blindness and improve Indigenous health. 32 million people in the world are blind and 4 out of 5 do not need to be. Since The Foundation began in 1992, it has restored sight to well over two million people.

By redeeming your Qantas Points for a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation you could help end avoidable blindness.

To find out more about The Fred Hollows Foundation click here.

How does this redemption work?

When you redeem your Qantas Points for The Fred Hollows Foundation, Qantas Frequent Flyer will pay the specified amount to The Fred Hollows Foundation. You will receive a redemption confirmation email. No item will be posted to you following your redemption. If you would like to redeem points for this charity, select ‘Add to cart'. You will see that this redemption option is ‘Ready to despatch' which is the standard order status for this redemption option.

Important information

If you redeem your Qantas Points for this charity, and the required points are deducted from your account, Qantas will pay the specified dollar amount to the specified charity within 45 days of the date of your redemption. Please note, members are not entitled to a tax deduction for redeeming points for charity (pursuant to taxation laws).

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