LEGO® 70357 NEXO Knights Knighton Castle

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Product information

Defend the 2-in-1 Knighton Castle, featuring a throne, living quarters, buildable Mechlok, escape rocket ship and rolling stone prison. Includes 6 scannable shields and 8 minifigures


  • Includes 8 minifigures: King Halbert, Fancy Pants, King's Guard, Robin, Aaron, Lance and 2 Stone stompers, plus a Hamletta pig figure, 2 Brickster figures and the White stone statue figure
  • Knighton Castle features a courtyard and a rear living quarters area
  • Courtyard features a throne for King Halbert with Combo NEXO Power plate, 2 stud shooters, Robin's vehicle with 2 stud shooters, minifigure cockpit and an ammunition storage unit, buildable Mechlok with posable limbs and a translucent-orange wizard's hat, and the Rumble Rocket transporter with 5-minifigure cockpit
  • Living quarters features 2 bedrooms, 5 beds, dining room, control room, Armory and 2 prison towers
  • Rolling prison features monster eyes, posable claws with translucent-blue lightning elements, opening jaw that leads into an opening prison cell, pole flag and 2 catapults
  • Play out a siege by waking up the knights from their beds, manning the control room and stocking up on weapons in the Armory
  • Unclasp the castle gate to open the inner courtyard and release the Rumble Rocket
  • Place King Halbert in his throne and command your LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS warriors!
  • Place the White stone statue figure within the walls of the castle and spy on the knights!
  • Place up to 5 minifigures in the Rumble Rocket transporter and role-play launching them into the sky
  • Download the free LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0 app to your smartphone or tablet. (Ask your parents' permission)
  • Scan shields for the NEXO Powers Drop the Beat, Spirit Fox, Manic Pumpkin, Gamma Rays and Centaur Charge and create your own combinations to power up and defeat the Stone monsters in the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS game
  • Also includes the Forbidden Power Malicious Melting
  • Watch all your favourite NEXO KNIGHTS characters on Cartoon Network


  • Knighton Castle measures over 14' (38cm) high, 15' (40cm) wide and 9' (23cm) deep when closed, and over 17' (45cm) wide and 11' (28cm) deep when opened out
  • Robin's vehicle measures over 1' (5cm) high, 4' (11cm) long and 3' (8cm) wide
  • Mechlok measures over 5' (13cm) high, 4' (12cm) long and 2' (6cm) wide
  • Rumble Rocket measures over 1' (5cm) high, 4' (11cm) long and 3' (8cm) wide
  • Rolling tower prison measures over 5' (13cm) high, 3' (10cm) long and 6' (16cm) wide

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