Schleich Children's Zoo Playset

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Product information

The farm has a little children's zoo where visitors can stroke and feed small rabbits, calves, lambs, and pygmy goats. While the small calf still prefers drinking milk from their mother, all other animals will eat from your hand. Most audacious are the little goats. They even look into children's pockets for food. When all are satisfied, they love to be stroked long and extensively.


  • Visitors can stroke and feed the animals
  • 1 x pygmy goat
  • 1 x little calf
  • 1 x lying sheep
  • 1 x playing baby rabbit
  • 6 x paddock
  • 1 x hay
  • 1 x feeding box
  • 1 x red apple
  • 1 x green apple
  • 1 x carrot


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